Jeff Givens and The Mugshot Saints are a swampy-rock band with original music crafted around ball-busting hooks and heart-wrenching lyrics; the equivalent of a musical 8-ball, without all the repercussions. Creator, lead man and troubadour-gypsy Jeff (The Bourbon Cowboy) Givens, is your master of ceremonies, along with his lovely side-kick and conscience, vocalist Jennifer (Momma Jen) Botka, provide a little banter along with their bullseye harmonies. Tearing it up, is the baddest band in all the land: Luke (Loop) Smith on stopwatch-dropping drums, bassist Johnny (The Rev. Johnny G) Gadeikis holds it down smooth and tight. The Mugshot Saints' musical director, producer and true North, Jason (Mista Bocka) Botka soars these songs on guitar and also serves as keeper-of-the-reigns on The Cowboy's crossroads soul-selling Southern swagger (sometimes a full-time job).

            Jeff and the Saints were proud to be selected as the 2017 Taste of Chicago's Sonicbids Artist and had a blast headlining the Bud Light Stage at the Taste. The Saints have been busy barnstorming some of the best venues in the Chicagoland area for the last couple years: Metro, Schubas, Martyrs', Reggie's, Elbo Room, Q Bar in Darien, Frankie's Blue Room in Naperville, Chicago Street Pub in Joliet.

            The band recently finished their third album, "Bleeding Ink". For this epic, The Saints returned to legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL to capture the vibe, ghosts and swamp palpable in the planks of this music mecca. They came home to Skye Bleu Studios in Villa Park to sweeten up the vocals and add in the sugar tracks (Cowboy does love his sugar - you should see him fix coffee!). Off to the legendary Joyride Studio for mastering and then decked out with inspired photos from Michelle (Mama Galloo) Gadeikis, "Bleeding Ink" is a culmination of the best of all of us; the crown of the Cowboy hat. In addition to an incredible catalogue of original material ranging from Bourbon to heartbreak, strippers to Christmas, The Saints also cover a deep well of artists: the Stones, Tom Petty, CCR, Stevie Nicks, Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Allman Bros, Bowie, Traveling Wilburys and many more. When you bring in Jeff Givens and the Mugshot Saints, you don't just get a night filled with rocking music, where you love each song more than the last; you get a full-on Show - complete with Holler n' Swallers, banter and the occasional innuendo. The certainty...? Once you see 'em, you won't forget 'em.


Some of our music

Hard Livin

Slow Train

Seven Hot Memphis Nights

Thowing Money

Queen City

Shadow of Love



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I've got boots, guitars and whiskey, that's all I ever need

- Girl in Carolina, from the album, "Bourbon Cowboy"

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